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    “Good afternoon ,ladies and gentlemen, my dear teachers and schoolmates, Welcome to the English Arts Festival. ”6月2日下午,西安高新一中高中部第22届校园文化展示节之英语才艺展示大赛闪亮登场。主持人:李昊楠  朱家希 袁子涵 丁俊淇






    高一(6)班表演的Perfect+What I‘ve Been Looking For

    Perfect by Ed Sheeran is a really popular song nowadays. It is about the pure love between a couple. And now students from Class 6 will play this song for all of you. Let's warmly welcome them.


    高一(4)班表演的Alice's Adventures in WonderlandⅡ

    After the breathtaking adventure in wonderland , Alice went back again to help her best friend , Hatter ,who has been unconscious for a long time, to find his family . Will they find Hatter's family ?Let's welcome students from class 4 to give us an excellent dubbing for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland II .


    高一(10)班表演的Beauty and the Beast

    The dubbing is pretty good that Once upon a time in the hidden heart of  France , a handsome young prince lived in a beautiful castle . However , one night ,he was changed into a hideous beast for ignoring the beauty inside .

    As days bleed into years , the Prince and his servant were forgotten . Only true love could save him . But ,who would fall in love with a beast ?


    高一(3)班表演的Love Yourself  & The Best of 2012

    When we are struggling and lost and when we don't know what to do, it's time to let it go and love yourself. Let's appreciate the show " Love Yourself " and "The Best of 2012" by class 3.



    I am sure that everyone here knows 4 characters----a talented lion, a hilarious zebra, a tall giraffe and a charming hippo. Yes ,you are right. This is the movie Madagascar. What funny story will happen between them? Let’s look forward to the performance from our English club.



    Cinderella is a popular fairy tale throughout the world . The poor girl tries her best to find her happiness . This time , what difficulty will she meet ? And can she find her happiness?


    高一(7)班表演的End Game

    The song also explains that how important it is to face the problems while chasing for dreams.

    That's what Taylor Swift wants to express in her new album 《Reputation》 , End Game feating Ed Sheeran . Now let's welcome Yi Meixi and Zou Qizhen from class 7 bringing us End Game .



    Everyone has heard of the story of the Titanic . And some of us have also watched the famous movie . The movie makes us think about the humanity when the storm comes as well as we are moved by the love story between Jack and Rose . Let's appreciate the show performed by the students from class 3 .


    高一(9)班表演的My Love

    Like no one can measure the size of the sea, no one will know how far my heart goes with you. You even have no idea that how much I want to see you once again. You are all I am thinking of. My love, is to be remembered. Please enjoy the song from Class 9.


    高一(6)班表演的Inside Out

    Do you ever look at someone and wonder , what's in their mind ? Well , there are five emotions who know it best . Movie "Inside Out" tells a story about growth . In the little girl Riley's mind , there are five emotions who control and help her through everyday life . The movie proves how complex our inside worlds are . It also makes us realize that life's bittersweet moments help us grow up , no angle emotion is better than another .


    高一(8)班表演的All We Know

    Although we keep wasting colors , nothing could change the love between us .Although we never face each other , you are still the person I love so much . We believe everything will be alright , when the sun rises and Jesus comes .Cause is all we know .This feeling's all we know.


    高一(5)班表演的Say Something Under the Lemon Tree

    In an indolent rainy afternoon , the raindrop is flying and the steam is whistling . A young man is sitting under a lemon tree . What is he thinking ? Why is he laughing ? What will he say below the shade of the lemon tree ? Please appreciate the song "Say something under the lemon tree" performed by Liu Mengtao and Li Ximeng from class 5 to find the answer .


    高一(4)班表演的The Dream of Princess

    Under the lemon tree, we think ,love, and relax. But the next show is about princess. Each girl is dreaming of becoming a princess. What will happen if you come across a fairy godmother, how can you become a real princess? What will happen to you? Let's welcome students the show "The Dream Of Princess".



    Memory is always precious in our mind no matter it’s sweet or bitter. It shows the true meaning of happiness. Following the classical musical play-----, let the memory live again.


    高一(1)班表演的I Saw in Louisiana a Live-oak Growing

    Sometimes trees are just like people. Over the past two centuries, the lonely oak in Louisiana under Whitney's depiction has become such a bright figure of American culture.

    本次比赛以班级为单位,节目分歌曲、配音、话剧三大类。英文演唱,同学们或吉他、或钢琴,自弹自唱,并加入情景剧元素,通过时而变换的队形、精心设计的动作,以及各类小道具,让英文合唱更有看点。高一(5)班的Say Something Under the Lemon Tree,把柠檬树下的青春新语娓娓道来,一首老歌引来全场的鼓掌和欢呼声,这就是经典的魅力,经久不衰,历久弥新。 

    配音类的节目是最棒的,同学们精选了Alice's Adventures in WonderlandⅡ、Madagascar、Titanic、Inside Out英文电影片段,在配音的同时,现场扮演其中角色。各位选手充分发挥自己的才艺特长,将自己所表演的角色展现得淋漓尽致,把现场观众带到了精彩的故事情节当中,让同学们享受到一场视听盛宴。

    为了将话剧表演得更加得生动传神,学生们还亲手设计了戏剧所需的服装、道具,搭配上生动流利的英语表达,让戏剧看起来现场感十足。尤其是高一(4)班的原创话剧The Dream of Princess,将三段童话故事串在一起,融合现代与童话中的情节,讲述了一个女孩在经历了角色变换后,最终明白成为最真实的自己才是最精彩的,创意别致,主题鲜明。

    友情演出环节,高一(2)班李沅芷同学演唱的音乐剧《猫》主题曲《Memory》,唯美优雅的歌声,自然地带我们跨越时空,仿佛走进了曾经的记忆,让现场观众都深深沉浸在青春梦境,留连忘返。高一(1)李思佳、张伊杨同学表演诗朗诵《I Saw in Louisiana a Live-oak Growing》,杨尚东同学钢琴伴奏,台风落落大方,气质十足。





    一等奖:高一(5)班Say Something Under the Lemon Tree

    二等奖:高一(7)班End Game    

  高一(3)Love Yourself  & The Best of 2012

    三等奖:高一(8)班All We Know  高一(9)班My Love

  高一(6)班Perfect+What I‘ve Been Looking For




    二等奖:高一(4)班Alice's Adventures in WonderlandⅡ  

    三等奖:高一(6)班Inside Out    高一(3)班Titanic



    一等奖:高一(4)班The Dream of Princess

    二等奖:高一(5)班Cinderella 高一(10)班Beauty and the Beast