当英语遇上中国传统文化 高新一中南校区开展英语书写比赛

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       In order to cultivate students’ good writing habits in English and enlarge students’ knowledge about Chinese traditional culture, we held an English handwriting competition this month.



Students made good use of their weekend to search for information from the Internet, fly their imagination and creative minds by designing. Through this competition, students learned about Chinese traditional culture from different aspects.



After the students’ careful design, beautiful handwritings were displayed in front of us, including varieties of Chinese traditional culture, beautifully written calligraphy and eye-catching illustrations.


中国节日(Chinese Festivals)

端午节(The Dragon Boat Festival


 The Dragon Boat Festival was held in memory of great Chinese poet, Qu Yuan. At the festival, people watch boating races and eat Zong Zi.           


中秋节Mid-autumn Festival


 Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Chinese Moon Festival, takes place at the 15th day of the eighth Chinese lunar month. The reason for celebrating the festival during that time is that it is the time when the moon is at its fullest and brightest.



春节the Spring Festival


Chinese New Year, also called Spring Festival, has more than 4,000 years of history. It is the grandest and the most important annual event for Chinese people. 


中国饮食(Chinese Cuisine)

Chinese Tea Art 茶道


Tea is the national drink in China. Chinese tea just as Chinese character has a long history, and serves as an important part of Chinese long-standing history and culture. Chinese tea is connected closely with Chinese Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism.

Chinese Food 传统食物  



中国发明 (Chinese Invention)

Chinese Medicine 中药


Traditional Chinese medicine is a style of traditional medicine built on a foundation of more than 2,500 years of Chinese medical practice that includes various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (tui na)and dietary therapy.


Chinese Printing 印刷术  


The Chinese invented printing centuries before the west.


中国服饰(Chinese Clothing)  

Chinese Hanfu 汉服


 Hanfu is a term associated with the Hanfu movement used to refer to the historical/traditional dress of the Han people.



中国曲艺 (Chinese Opera )

Chinese Opera 戏曲  


 Traditional Chinese opera is a popular form of drama and musical theatre in China with roots going back to the early periods in China.



中国民间艺术 (Chinese Folk Arts)

Chinese Knot 中国结


Traditional Chinese decorative knot, also known as Chinese knot, is typical folk arts of China.



Chinese Kite 风筝


 In ancient China the kite was known as 'Zhiyuan' (paper glede). Originally regarded as a technology, it also featured prominently in many art collections, and was considered to have unique artistic value.



Chinese Paper-cutting 剪纸


 Chinese paper cutting, or Jianzhi, is a kind of folk art which uses scissors or knives to cut papers for decoration or other folk activities. 


中国书法&绘画 (Chinese Calligraphy & Painting)  

Chinese Calligraphy 书法


 Chinese calligraphy is a form of aesthetically pleasing writing and the artistic expression of human language in a tangible form.




Chinese Poetry诗歌





Edward de Bono said, “There is no doubt that creativity is the most important human resource of all. Without creativity, there would be no progress, and we would be forever repeating the same patterns.” Therefore, it is essential to cultivate students’ creativity.



Finally, this activity was a success with the participation of all the students and English teachers in Grade 2. It was a combination of handwriting and Chinese traditional culture, from which the students not only improved their English handwriting, also they enhanced the creativity of art. Moreover, they obtained a better understanding of Chinese culture and will take more pride in our own traditional culture.



      李泊纯 张伊驰 邱绎帆 殷乙涵 李卓霏 向湘

      吴艺鑫 董懿莹 赵雨鑫 张婧怡 宋卓颖 安可玥

      韩海洋 马铭雪 段照英 唐思雨 朱庭萱 李想

      杨雯惠 王雅萱 强瀚楠 刘伯杨 柴心怡 高彦杰

      成欣宇 吉耀轩 高珂越 王晓泽 辛亦然 赵雨

      吴婧瑶 鱼静丹 李彦蓓 夏仲阳 梁洪榕 谢子瑶

      赵丹宁 刘雨萌 叶青青 吴飞叶 孙贝宁 房泽源

      程思鋆 王亚钧 张盁欣 康高菲 王艺霏 金星光

      蔺美雯 庞天姣 杨之洛 李萱 李菲怡 张语嫣然

      王子涵 赵泊瑞 周艺洁 余婉婷 张芷萌 张子彤

      田雨田 赵钰杨 王欣瑶 石奕昕 李嘉乐 付雨欣